First Solo Against-The-Wall Headstand

I’ve been practicing the against-the-wall headstand for about a month now, and aside from the time a professor helped me do a headstand, I hadn’t been able to get my hips over my head.

Suddenly yesterday, during an at-home-practice, my feet were magically up. I was a little surprised because I had zero expectations of making any progress during my 15-minute yoga session. I also hadn’t gone to a class in over a week due to scheduling issues. But for whatever reason, yesterday was the day.

Walls are handy-dandy when learning headstand!

To prepare myself for the asana, I’d been doing a few different things. First, I was putting my head and forearms on the floor and doing a sort of down dog as I walked my feet closer and closer to my head (I believe the teacher called this prepping for a bound headstand).

I was also working on making an L shape against the wall – I’d put my forearms and head down about three feet from the wall, with my face toward the wall. Then I’d walk my feet up the wall until my body was in an L shape.

Although I know these poses helped me build strength, I think much of learning to do a headstand was just eliminating fear. Fear that I would fall over, fear that I wasn’t strong enough, fear that I would hurt myself. When I stopped being afraid my legs just kicked over and I realized it wasn’t even difficult.

Sometimes all you need to brighten your day is a little unexpected yoga progress!

Anyone else had any progress lately?


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