An Econ Prof Taught Me Headstand

When I started this blog, the topics of yoga and my MBA seemed mutually exclusive. I thought – I’ll write about yoga one day, then business a few days later. After all, charts, graphs, and data dumps are basically polar opposites of meditation and breath. Yet, every now and then, worlds collide!

This is how I look when I do a headstand.

I started at my current yoga studio in August, and at one of my first classes I recognized an economics professor from my school. I’d never taken his economics class, but I remembered him as a sponsor of an undergraduate team at a university case competition.

Over the weeks we began chatting, and we often frequented the same Ashtanga class. As many of you know, sirsasana (headstand) is part of the finishing sequence of the primary series. After a few weeks of watching me flounder in my sirsasana attempts, I think the prof’s teacher instincts took over, and he came over and helped me get my hips over my head! He also gave me some tips about how to adjust my form and how to strengthen my shoulders.

Unfortunately, I am still not doing headstand on my own, but I can tell it’s not far away! Also, my mind is blown over the whole experience. How many MBA students can say their b-school prof taught them a tricky asana?

Has anyone else found a random acquaintance in your yoga class?


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