My First Yoga Doubleheader

In the spirit of the baseball postseason (just kidding, the timing was coincidental), I had my very first yoga doubleheader yesterday!

This might be a new life goal: a handstand on a rock by a lake in front of a mountain.

I didn’t head to class intending to stay for two, but class number one didn’t hit the spot. I was super energized, and my first class was too mellow – I needed a way to channel my energy into something more active. Thus, I stayed for class numero dos.

And am I glad I did, because the teacher did a handstand workshop! I have yet to do a handstand, but before yesterday I’d never tried. In fact, I didn’t even know what types of prep moves I needed to do to start building confidence and strength.

We started with several arm strengthening poses (downward facing dog, chaturangas, etc.), then we did some wall work (L-handstand), and wrapped up with some partner work.

I can’t recall the last time I left class feeling so refreshed and excited about my practice. I have to admit, that part of my yogic lull is tied to the fact that my current studio is a bummer. Although there are tons of class names (meditative yoga, radiant yoga, expressionist yoga), every single one seems the same to me. Sometimes I need a good old vinyasa flow class, and this place just doesn’t have that. Anyhoo, I have eight or so more classes there till I will likely be moving on once again.

Anyone else enjoyed doubleheaders in the past? Or maybe regularly?

Anyone have any tips for learning handstand?


4 thoughts on “My First Yoga Doubleheader

  1. I’ve done a double header before! I was so tense after a traveling on a plane, I felt it took the first hour class to get me “warmed up.” The second hour was amazing. When, I have the time, it’s usually a good idea. 😀


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