Three Months Into My Spending Freeze, I Go to Target

And frankly, it wasn’t a big deal. I wandered around the store (clothing sections included) for about an hour. Rather that looking at price tags and touching different materials, I really just looked. I didn’t feel a sudden urge to try anything on, and I didn’t see anything that I absolutely need.

8IZNhRrfPrior to this four-month experiment, I felt like variety was all I wanted in my wardrobe. Now, I think I really want quality. I want clothes that I love that will stick around for a long time.

Last week I wore a shirt I haven’t worn in a year. Not because I don’t like it, but because it’s falling apart. Therefore, I have avoided wearing it, just hoping that I could get it to stick around a little longer.

I suppose there is a little more to the story. This shirt was my favorite shirt the summer of 2010, and I remember getting compliments on it, going on a first date while wearing it, and dancing at my favorite bar with all of my college buddies while taking Rumple Minze shots with a boy with an amazing beard (my life used to be so much more exciting).

So although this shirt is basically un-wearable, I haven’t wanted to say goodbye. I decided to wear it last week as a sort of farewell. I’m not throwing it away just yet, but my hope is that by the end of the summer, when I’m moving back to my apartment, I’ll be able to leave it behind.

Yeesh, it’s crazy how a little yellow tank top can make me so nostalgic for the past, especially since I’m not exactly a sentimental person. It’s just like this one shirt was my key to an amazing summer!

Does anyone else have a piece of clothing like this? Do you keep it? Or did you say goodbye?


6 thoughts on “Three Months Into My Spending Freeze, I Go to Target

  1. Since I already had excessive clothing, I got rid of anything (even though if that is my favorite ever) that was torn or not in a condition to wear. Instead I made a table cloth or pillow case to hold onto it. It is pretty.


  2. I’ve mostly tried to say goodbye to my worn out clothing items since I started a capsule wardrobe myself. But I did save many of my favorite tshirts, mostly from concerts, to create a quilt with.


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