Three Months Into My Spending Freeze, I Go to Target

And frankly, it wasn’t a big deal. I wandered around the store (clothing sections included) for about an hour. Rather that looking at price tags and touching different materials, I really just looked. I didn’t feel a sudden urge to try anything on, and I didn’t see anything that I absolutely need.

8IZNhRrfPrior to this four-month experiment, I felt like variety was all I wanted in my wardrobe. Now, I think I really want quality. I want clothes that I love that will stick around for a long time.

Last week I wore a shirt I haven’t worn in a year. Not because I don’t like it, but because it’s falling apart. Therefore, I have avoided wearing it, just hoping that I could get it to stick around a little longer.

I suppose there is a little more to the story. This shirt was my favorite shirt the summer of 2010, and I remember getting compliments on it, going on a first date while wearing it, and dancing at my favorite bar with all of my college buddies while taking Rumple Minze shots with a boy with an amazing beard (my life used to be so much more exciting).

So although this shirt is basically un-wearable, I haven’t wanted to say goodbye. I decided to wear it last week as a sort of farewell. I’m not throwing it away just yet, but my hope is that by the end of the summer, when I’m moving back to my apartment, I’ll be able to leave it behind.

Yeesh, it’s crazy how a little yellow tank top can make me so nostalgic for the past, especially since I’m not exactly a sentimental person. It’s just like this one shirt was my key to an amazing summer!

Does anyone else have a piece of clothing like this? Do you keep it? Or did you say goodbye?


Sitting Client Side at an Ad Agency Presentation

Today was amazing! The advertising agency for my company presented the 2016 creative to my brand team for the first time, and I got sit in on the meeting.

And let me say, holy moly sitting client side is SO much better than being the presenter. FYI in college one of my majors was advertising, so the last time I attended a creative presentation, I was presenting to a client to wrap up my capstone project at an agency. So stressful.

Unfortunately, none of the agency folk were as good-looking as Don Draper.

Anyway, I got to see the potential 2016 creative at the same time as the director of my fancy brand, I got to hear the tagline the first time it was pitched, and I got to see magazine/digital/shopper/every kind of creative you can imagine before it hits the market.

THIS IS SO COOL! In fact, there is a high likelihood that 10-12 months from now you guys will see this creative. My mind is blown, and obviously I’m having a pretty good time at my internship.

I am, however, still concerned about my final project. I have two weeks left to magically have a PowerPoint deck and completed financials. I’m not super optimistic.

I’m also struggling a bit because the idea of this offer is hanging over my head and it feels just out of reach. I’m having a tough time reading my co-workers and ensuring I’m completing my project the way they expected me to. Basically, I’m insecure and unsure of whether I can make this job a full-time reality. I guess on the plus side, I’ll know in a month!

Morning Yoga

Throughout my youth and into college I was very obviously a night person. I suffered from insomnia, so mornings were always a challenge. This issue followed me into my first teaching gig, and I relied on coffee to put on my peppy face for when the students arrived.

My last year in the classroom, this all changed. I became ill for several months during the winter, and suddenly my body changed. It needed sleep, and lots of it. I went from a six-hour-a-night lady to an eight-hour lady, and I haven’t struggled to fall asleep since.

This summer I’ve come to realize that as a result, I’m slowly becoming a morning person. I said that out loud for the first time yesterday, and it felt awkward yet strangely liberating.

For example, this morning before my roommate even changed out of her pajamas, I had worked on my intern project for five hours. It was delightful!

Watching the sun rise is definitely a benefit of a morning practice!

This has also led to me practicing yoga in the morning. I often wake up before 5:30 so I can get my asana on. I’ve noticed some benefits as well as drawbacks to a morning practice.


  • I am not as tired as when I practice in the afternoon, so every chaturanga feels like it’s filling me with power rather than drawing it out of me
  • I start my day on a more uplifting, positive note – which helps me stay in a better mood
  • I feel more energized when I get to work


  • I am stiffer in the morning – even by the end of my practice my heels aren’t as close to the ground in downward dog as they can be
  • I have to shower at work, and I always inevitably forget something I need (the time I left my bra at home was a highly un-enjoyable experience)

Since I have the opportunity, and my schedule permits, I’m going to keep it up for the rest of the summer.

Does anyone else choose a morning practice? Why or why not?

How do you overcome the drawbacks?

The Internship is Gettin’ Real

Not going to lie, my nose is to the grindstone and I’m up to my ears in data (let’s see how many idioms I can use in one sentence)!

BigData_2267x1146_whiteFor those of you who don’t recall, I’m spending my summer interning at a top CPG company in the marketing department.

It’s been a rollercoaster for the last week or so as I feel confident about my project and the relationships I’m building one second, then totally insecure and unsure of myself the next.

Time is running out – I have four weeks until my big presentation, and the stress is piling on.

I’ve been working for 12+ hours now and I need to jump back into it, but I hope everyone is having a great summer and getting their internship/b-school prep/yoga on as much as I am!