I’m Not Purchasing Clothing for Four Months

Several weeks ago I blogged about minimalism and my wardrobe, and since then I have taken a few steps to analyze how my shopping habits fit into the consumerism puzzle. As I mentioned previously, yoga and minimalism have a strong tie, and as I practice yoga I become more interested in different facets of minimalism.

dresses-53319_640I’ve cleaned out my closet, donated clothes that no longer work for me, and decided to go on a four month spending freeze for clothing (that’s one third of the year! 123 days!). I’m more than one month in to this freeze, and so far I’m feeling great! I decided this was a good path for me because above all else, I want to be more conscious of the items I have and the items I need. I also want to reduce my waste and contribute less to the fast fashion retailers.

I opted out of trying a capsule wardrobe for two reasons. First, I didn’t know what to expect to wear at my internship this summer – I had no clue how formal or casual it would be so I needed to pack both types of clothing. Second, I like my clothes, and it seemed wasteful to hide gorgeous pieces away in a trunk for the whole summer when I’ve already paid for them and I know I will wear them.

So far I’m happy with my decision to buy no new pieces this summer. I’m also being conscious not to shift spending to other areas of my life where I like to purchase items (such as backpacking/camping gear).

Is anyone else thinking about or committed to a shopping freeze?

Is anyone using a capsule wardrobe this summer?

How is it going, and why do you choose to buy less or have less?


7 thoughts on “I’m Not Purchasing Clothing for Four Months

  1. This is so fascinating to me. I’ve been approaching a simpler lifestyle over the last year and recently jumped on the capsule wardrobe train. I can’t even say how much I love these concepts and how they have truly simplified my life. It’s about so much more than just stuff, and cutting out the excess has felt so incredibly freeing for me. I started a capsule in particular because I wanted to bring my wardrobe more in line with my minimal(ish) philosophy. Even though you aren’t doing a capsule, per se, it sounds like your spending freeze comes from a really similar place that my capsule came from so I completely understand your reasoning for doing it.

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    1. It’s very interesting indeed! Especially when it comes from a desire to simplify rather than restrict. I’m thinking a capsule might be in my future, but before then I know I have a lot to learn about giving in to consumerism!


  2. Stay strong! Capsule wardrobes are worth it! You will learn a lot about yourself and realize that you won’t miss clothes that you rid! I used to shop to fill a void like when I got in a fight with my boyfriend or when I needed to get out of the house because I had a newborn. A great blog you might like is un-fancy.com. Have you visited it? I think you’ll enjoy it! Take care and well wishes!!!!!!


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