Preparing for the Big Internship Move

In eight hours my roommate and I are packing up our cars and driving a few states over to our internship. I’m not sure I ever mentioned my roommate and I are headed to the same company! It’s pretty awesome because we were two of the three people selected from our school. Although we will be at the same CPG company, we will be in different buildings working on different brands. It’s definitely less stressful heading into this with her.

8125895137_135c25ae0d_zThe last three days since I have returned from Alaska have been fabulously full. I’ve bid adieu to friends and family, and I’ve done tons of laundry (my favorite chore – really).

Packing, however, has been a little strange. Three months is a long time, so I am packing up our pots and pans and Tupperware and full size shampoo and lotion and all of these things that usually stay at home when I travel. Also, renting an apartment for three months is nearly impossible, so we are subletting from some college students – one or two of whom will be there this summer. Considering how low-key I am now, I hope these wild and crazy youths don’t act like I did when I was their age!

Really, I’m just excited to get there. To see what this city is like, what the company is like, and if it’ll be a good fit for me post graduation. I’ll send an update upon arrival!


Meditating in Alaska

With the tickets from our failed Panama trip, my boyfriend and I packed up and headed to Alaska last week!

11040504_10103131122312740_8644079554237271444_nIn ten days we explored Anchorage, Fairbanks, Denali, and surrounding towns. We watched a plethora of animals (my favorite being the grizzly bear, of course), interacted with sled dogs, hit up a few museums, visited a hot spring, climbed a mountain, camped in Denali, hiked a glacier, went to six breweries, and more!

The trip was incredibly relaxing, and I got to spend time with my long-distance dude, which was even better. I didn’t face my regular, daily frustrations, and it felt like I was in this constant meditative state. I don’t know quite how to explain it.

11020769_10103131123091180_3773669451405817534_nToday I was running around town trying to prep for my upcoming internship (I leave for it on Friday), and I was back in my cranky mood. I realize life cannot be a constant vacation, but I know there has to be a way to translate that bliss back into my everyday life.

Yoga has been somewhat absent from my life since my foot injury, but now that I’m back in one piece I’m hoping to dig more deeply into my practice. Hopefully it’s not difficult to find a good studio in the city I’ll be in this summer.


Has any one else visited Alaska? What was your favorite place/activity?

If anyone has any travel questions, feel free to shoot me an e-mail!


How Control Impacts Happiness

Lately I’ve been a cranky lady. I utter unsavory remarks when strangers on the highway fail to use to their indicators, I am ridiculously impatient when people arrive late to a commitment, then today I snapped at my boyfriend when he suggested we visit a museum different from the one I proposed.

97033289_57fab34574_oThese things are ridiculous, I’m aware. But these little things get into my brain and fester, making me feel even more miserable. Some unscientific sleuthing has helped me realize that I feel this way when I plan for something and it doesn’t turn out how I hoped. The strange thing is, the change could even turn out better than the original plan, but because I wasn’t prepared for it, I feel unsettled.

Today I practiced yoga for the first time (without sneakers) in 3.5 weeks. It was a short 30 minutes, and at first I felt stiff and weak. It was frustrating to see that much of the progress that I’d made has gone – the full wheel that I did the week before I hurt my foot wasn’t happening. But after my first heart openers, I started to feel lighter.

It’s almost like a little switch goes off in my brain when I practice, and suddenly I focus less on what I can control and more of what is. Hopefully this feeling can start to seep into other aspects of my day, not just when I’m on the mat.

Will I feel this shift in my everyday life? I suppose time will tell.

Yoga in Sneakers

I reached a breaking point. Two weeks without yoga and my body was in some sort of revolt. It seemed as though my months of progress were swirling down the drain.

So I did what any desperate yoga newbie would do, I did some yoga in my sneakers.

sports-shoes-115134_640If you’ll recall I have a big-time foot issue. It’s called accessory navicular syndrome, and it first started causing problems when I broke my foot half-marathon training four years ago. Of course I unknowingly ran the race with a broken foot, which caused all sorts of additional problems and types of tendonitis. After a year or so recovering, I could walk normally, and even jog a couple miles. Before this flare-up, I was able to run three miles with only minor discomfort.

Then who knows what happened two weeks ago. Maybe the wind shifted, or the humidity changed, but I was in worse pain than I’d ever been in.

Although surgery is an option, recovery is long and reviews are mixed. As I’m trying to get better, I have to wear special orthotics inside of my sneakers. My fashion has taken a big hit, but if it works, it will be worth it.

Which leads me to doing yoga in sneakers. It was just a short YouTube video, but it felt great to stretch my spine and to work my core. My foot is unsurprisingly sore this morning, but I’m thinking it’s worth it.

I’m also reminded of how important it is not to judge others’ practices. I had a teacher once who reprimanded a student for wearing socks. Could you imagine what she would’ve said to me? I’m working at my own pace, and I’m simply grateful for the ability to practice any yoga at all – with or without sneakers.

MBA Wrap Up: Year One

It’s over. (Kind of). I have to turn in some final materials for a project, but basically, it’s over.

I am absolutely worn out. When I got home from my last final today, I made an Emergen-C and wrapped myself up in my blanket like a cocoon. I have since regenerated and I wanted to share with you guys some of the great (and not-so-great) moments from my year! 

The Worst Moment
About two weeks into b-school I had big-time buyer’s remorse – as in, I completely regretted my decision to quit my job and go back to school. It was a pretty miserable time, but change is hard, and I had to adjust. Now I realize all of the opportunities I am giving myself by choosing to come back to school, and I’ve learned how to function better in this setting.

The Best Moment
Definitely winning the case competition (some tips here). First, it took me out of my comfort zone (presenting makes me suuuuuuper nervous). And second, a professor on the panel asked me to TA for him as a result of it. Pretty rad! 

The Worst Class
The worst to sit through was finance, but let’s just say I might have to retake stats next year if I want my transcript to look crisp…

The Best Class
Strategy! I love deep analysis of cases, and let’s be honest, it’s not as quant heavy as everything else.

My lunchbox is slightly bigger and slightly less cool than this bad boy.

The Most Awkward Moment
I’m an awkward lady, so awkward moments are never in short demand. How about the time a teacher called on my group to give an impromptu presentation while my boyfriend was in surgery? I was so zoned out I didn’t say I word. Or how about the fact I carry around an industrial lunchbox? What can I say, I like my food chilled. Ooohhh, I know, the time I was in a case competition and a guy on my team left his cell phone alarm on and it rang THREE times during the presentation. The competition organizer referred to my team as infamous. We did not win.

The Most Valuable Thing I’ve Learned
To be a leader you don’t have to be the best writer, presenter, or financier, you just have to be good at getting things done and getting people to trust you. That, I am capable of!

Well that about wraps it up. I’ll be posting about my internship adventures this summer, and once my foot is healed I’ll be back on my yoga game. Have a great summer, everyone!