Why Yoga

Last night my boyfriend and I attempted a 20-minute beginner yoga video on YouTube. He can touch his toes. I can’t. I also learned he can put his leg behind his head. Gross.

This is not how I look when I do yoga.
This is not how I look when I do yoga.

I used to be fit – a recreational runner, really. Then a few years ago I broke my foot and now running hurts and it just isn’t worth it. Over the last couple years I’ve dabbled in yoga (a Groupon here, going to a class with a friend there), but due to cost I’ve never fully committed to a yoga studio. Also, as mentioned previously, I am a stiff lady. It was always a bit embarrassing when the yoga instructor would repeatedly try to twist my body into the right shape and it wouldn’t conform. So frankly, I’ve stopped exercising all together. It’s easy to blame my foot, my busy MBA schedule, lack of money, and general yoga awkwardness. But at the same time, I feel… blah.

So I keep thinking about yoga. It puts the least amount of pressure on my foot and people are always touting its physical and mental benefits. I remember a kooky professor from college who started yoga and came out a new man. So I began to search and I found a yoga deal I couldn’t pass up. I invested in a 10-class punch card for a studio near my apartment. I have eight weeks to complete the classes, so for the next couple months I’ll chronicle my downward facing dogs alongside my business case presentations. Enjoy!